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Ice Karting


If you've tried go karting then you'll know the thrill and excitement of speed 2 inches off the ground. Well, add a little ice and you're in a whole new driving challenge.

You will have to adopt a whole new driving style for Ice Karting, speed might work on a normal track but with a track made of ice you will need to trust your judgement and reactions to overtake in this race! Don't be fooled though, these karts can really shoot around the rink. 

Ice karting is perfect for those who fancy an extreme sport on your door step! 

Race against the clock or your friends... this is the ultimate Grand Prix. Team building at its best! Whether you are just with your mates or looking for corporate team building then give us a call to book your race.

NB All drivers must be 16 years of age or over, proof of ID will be reuqired. 


Corporate Sessions Available

for further information please call 01753 894 810

Book in advance to guarantee your place on the next race by calling 01753 894 810.

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I have been go karting many times so I thought I would give ice karting a go. It was unbelievable and such a different experience. I'll be back!
Gavin Smith

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